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"I received so many compliments on my box braids. They came out exactly how I wanted not too tight nor were they harsh on my edges. I definitely will go back!" - Candace

"I have had my hair braided there two times within the past three months and I absolutely love my hair. Ida was exceptional in braiding my hair!! The customer service is superb, Mireum gets back to the customers immediately, all have such wonderful personalities...the environment of the shop is very welcoming. I constantly receive compliments, highly recommend!!" - Diedre

"My braids looked great and they lasted over eight weeks! They weren't too tight, as often happens. I didn't have any skin puckering or soreness. I was able to sleep comfortably on them the same night they were done! I highly recommend them." - K Welch

"First impressions are lasting impressions. When I first called Majestik, I spoke with the owner Miriam, who was very soft spoken and professional. I describe what I wanted because I had never had the type of braids I wanted. She was very accommodating in explaining what I needed to know. I scheduled an appointment with her for Sunday, upon arriving, she was just as pleasant as she was on the phone. She described in detail what type of braid would be best and got started, she is very personable and made you feel comfortable. Some of the other reviews say that she is expensive but I say she is worth the price, she takes pride in her work and she very meticulous as well. She provided at-home care for my braids as well and even offered for me to come back to ensure my ends were not fraying. I have already received compliments and I love my braids, they are clean and neat! I definitely will be going back!" - Melva

"Neat and Impeccable work!!" Those are the compliments I have received on my individual braids done at Majestik braiding, and I totally agree! Being of African descent, I know what excellent African braiding looks like, and I had been disappointed with the work of previous braiders, but this place exceeded my expectations! I called and got a same-day appointment with the owner, Mariam, last Saturday and she did exactly what I asked of her. I absolutely love my braids! Additionally, the customer service is amazing, unlike many braiding shops I have been to. Mariam treats her customers with the utmost respect. She is a great listener that also gives helpful imput about the style you choose. Moreover, her prices are very reasonable and the shop and restroom are so neat and comfortable. I was pleased! If you live in the Howard County area and love to get braids, I would highly recommend Majestik Braiding. Check out the web site and gallery at: I am glad I no longer have to drive outside the county to get braids."   - Ms. Danquah

"I've been coming to Miriam for several months now. I've had braids and now am wearing twists. I love Majestik Braiding. Appointments are prompt and easily made. The shop is comfortable and clean. There are snacks for the long visits and a TV with dvd player. She doesn't just install the braids, she makes sure to care for your hair. This is important to me, since I'm using braids to transition. She makes sure braids aren't too tight and adds leave-in conditioner to each braid. Her consult price is totally accurate and doesn't suddenly increase after your hair is done as I've experienced elsewhere. I highly recommend Majestik Braiding and am calling to make a follow up appointment soon!" - Ro

"I've been getting my hair done off and on for quite sometime, about nine years exactly, so I can easily say that I know what good quality work is. Majestik Braiding is one of the best hair braiding salons I have been to. Overall I had a great experience with them, they're extremely friendly but professional, they took the necessary amount time on my hair, and made sure I was well tended to even to the point of offering me refreshments. They made me feel incredibly comfortable and altogether the salon environment was well maintained. I would recommend this salon to anyone who wants to have a high-quality hair braiding experience."    -Devona

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